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Women in investment sectors face persistent workplace hurdles

Gender diversity efforts reveal mixed outcomes in finance sectors.

Women in investment sectors face persistent workplace hurdles

Gender diversity efforts reveal mixed outcomes in finance sectors.

Tech talent demand in Southeast Asia up amidst digital transformation

Startups and enterprises drive sustained need for innovative tech solutions.

Women occupy less than a quarter of board seats in Singapore: report

Still, achieving gender parity in key leadership roles remains challenging.

HK scraps MPF Offsetting Scheme to enhance employee protection

Starting 2025, employers are no longer allowed to offset long service and severance payments from its Mandatory Provident Fund contributions.

Remote work boosts job retention– study

Employees with flexible remote work options are 22% less likely to quit than fully remote ones. 

Increased compensation counters quiet quitting trend

Organisations understand “quiet quitting” to be mislabeled work and life balance.

LAZADA LAYOFF LAPSE: Should companies notify unions about retrenchments?

The company reportedly let go of nearly 100 employees early January without notifying the allied workers union.

Asian executives dissatisfied with internal audit functions

Talent gap is amongst the challenges that the internal audit team faces.

Top cybersecurity talent retention requires a good office environment

While expertise is essential, the atmosphere and leadership play pivotal roles in talent retention.

Stringent companies advised to improve recruitment process

An expert said tapping into underrepresented talent pools and improving in-house training is essential in company development.

Seven in 10 CEOs say businesses not doing enough to address AI consequences

An EY study showed that more than half of CEOs want to focus on ethical AI.

Data-backed strategies needed in workplace setup decisions: expert

A human resources expert advised using data and listening to employees when deciding on workplace schemes.

Franchise interest for Singapore’s education enterprises rising

An expert said local education businesses have been performing extremely well in China.

Retail sector offers the least work flexibility: report

Only four in 10 retail employees feel their employers offer flexibility.

Pay transparency trend relies on the labour market’s future

If the labour market softens, firms can decide whether or not to openly disclose salaries. 

Language requirement bars HK firms from attracting foreign talent

An HR expert advises firms to re-assess ‘baked-in’ job fit expectations.

Mercu cuts cost and time spent on hiring, training deskless workforce

Employee turnover in frontline industries can be up to 4x higher than office-based workers.