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Recognising Exceptional Homegrown Companies in the Middle East Region


The Middle East National Business Awards is thrilled to honor and acknowledge the remarkable initiatives and projects of locally established companies across diverse industries in the Middle East region. In a notable change this year, the awards will be presented on a country-level basis, specifically recognising and celebrating the achievements of homegrown companies within each country.

This localized approach ensures a focused acknowledgment of companies in individual business environments and industry landscapes. The evaluation of entries by experts from top accounting firms will be based on criteria such as Uniqueness & Innovation, Effectiveness & Impact, and Dynamism.

Winners will be unveiled at a prestigious awards ceremony attended by influential figures in the business community. Our previous awardees were lauded for their hard work and dedication that brought tangible contributions to their businesses. Some of them came from the biggest companies and organisations, including Coffee PlanetMarafiq, Ooredoo Oman and Skiply – RAKBANK

Submit your entry now and join us in recognizing and applauding the outstanding achievements of homegrown businesses across the Middle East. Your excellence deserves to be highlighted!

Submission Opens:
Feb 26, 2024
Submission Closes:
Jun 26, 2024
Sep 25, 2024


What does it mean to win the award?

This award is a strong affirmation and testament to me and my team's effort. We are very encouraged by it and we certain...

Felix Loh CEO, Gardens by the Bay

This has inspired us to continue innovating by leveraging the latest technological advancements to cater to the need for...

Mohamed Iran Moriff Chief Operating Officer of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

We are really humbled. This is a recognition of the efforts of Singapore-based homegrown companies like Tolaram to branc...

Navin Nahata Managing Director - Fintech & Infrastructure, Tolaram Group

We are very honoured to have won the award and I would say that this spurs us to go and move forward and hopefully to be...

Adrian Ung Group Commercial Director of Nature Farm Enterprise Sdn Bhd

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Why should you enter?


Talk about your winning achievements, strategies and initiatives in an interview that you can share with clients, peers, and colleagues to let them know that you are an award-winning company


Reach potential clients as you let your achievements and initiatives be known and honoured in Asia.


The Asian Business Review magazine is printed annually and goes out to the senior management in South East Asia, North Asia, and the Middle East region. It is distributed to Airport Lounges, Transportation providers, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Co-Working Space, Restaurants, Fitness Centers, Embassies among others.



  • Nominations will be deliberated by a panel of experts from Middle East region's top accounting and audit firms based on the judging criteria.

  • Companies may enter a maximum of three (3) different projects/ initiatives. 

  • 1 project/ initiative must be submitted to 1 category only

  • Nomination is free of charge. To receive exclusive entitlements, winners must book any of the winner's package options. Email danica@charltonmediamail.com for more information on pricing and inclusion.

  • Deadline for submission of entries: 13 June 2024


The awards programme is open to local companies in all industries in the Middle East region. The company must have its global headquarters located within the Middle East region.

Eligible companies may nominate any initiative that highlight their excellent work in the region, such as:
    ✔ outstanding project, product or service launched for or with client/s.
    ✔ innovative internal practices or strategies.

The project, solution, product, service or initiative must either be:

  • launched, in part or full, over the last 24 calendar months.
  • launched prior to 24 calendar months and had recent innovations or upgrades.


Companies in the following industries are not eligible to join the Awards Programme: cryptocurrency, tobacco, multilevel marketing, and products with claim of health benefits


Awards will be given by industry in each country:

  • Accounting

  • Advertising

  • Aerospace

  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Agriculture

  • Airline

  • Analytics

  • Apparel

  • Architecture

  • Automotive Services

  • Automotive Systems

  • Automotive & Transport Equipment

  • Banking

  • Beauty & Cosmetics

  • Broadcasting

  • Brokerage

  • Building Services & Facilities

  • Business Insurance

  • Business Services

  • Cargo Handling

  • Chemicals

  • Commercial Building Construction

  • Commercial Real Estate Trust

  • Compliance Consulting

  • Computer Hardware

  • Computer Services

  • Computer Software

  • Conglomerates

  • Consulting

  • Consumer Products - Durables

  • Consumer Products - Non-Durables

  • Corporate Advisory

  • Cosmetics

  • Data Center

  • Department Stores

  • Dining & Entertainment

  • Direct Selling

  • Diversified Services

  • Education

  • Electronic Manufacturing

  • Electronics

  • Employment Services

  • Energy

  • Engineering

  • Entertainment Experience

  • Executive Search

  • Financial Services

  • Financial Technology

  • Food & Beverage

  • Food Manufacturing Solutions

  • Food Safety

  • Furniture and Fixture

  • Government

  • Health Insurance

  • Health Products & Services

  • Heavy Civil Construction

  • Hospitality & Leisure

  • Human Resource Technology

  • Human Resources Consulting

  • Industrial Construction

  • Interior Design

  • Insurance Broker

  • Internet/New Media

  • Investment Banking

  • IT Services

  • Life Insurance

  • Legal

  • Logistics

  • Logistics Equipment

  • Luxury Retail

  • Machining and Tooling

  • Manufacturing

  • Marine and Offshore Engineering

  • Marine Services

  • Materials & Construction

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Metals & Mining

  • Motion Picture & Video

  • Music

  • Non-Profit Organisations

  • Oil & Gas

  • Personal Insurance

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Real Estate

  • Residential Building Construction

  • Residential Product Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Semiconductor

  • Shipping

  • Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • Television

  • Transportation

  • Utilities

  • Venture Capital

  • Wholesale


The panel of judges will evaluate the entries based on the following criteria:

  • Uniqueness & Innovation - Did the project introduce new or cutting-edge innovation?

  • Effectiveness & Impact - Did the project achieve its objectives and targets based on specific measures used to assess its success? Was there impact on your company, clients, and industry?

  • Dynamism - Is the strategy, project, service or product flexible to changes and progressive opportunities?


1. Go to the online nomination form.

  • Read the award entry guidelines and eligibility for your reference.
  • Fill out the company information and entrant details fields.
  • Choose the industry category you'd like to enter under.
  • Provide entry information:
    • Entry title
    • 500-word summary of the entry
    • Key achievements
    • Client testimonial/s (if any).
  • Upload your supporting documents and project photos to further strengthen your entry.
  • Choose the winners package that you will take up, should you win an award.

2. You will then receive an email confirmation from the Middle East International Business Awards organisers after your nomination has been received.

3. If you were unable to upload your supporting photos or documents in the online nomination form, send them to danica@charltonmediamail.com on or before the submission deadline.

  • Three (3) photos are required.
  • Supporting documents are optional, but will highly increase your chances of winning the award.
  • Supporting documents must be in PDF, PowerPoint and/or JPG format. For supporting videos, Youtube.com or Vimeo.com links must be provided.


The nomination is free of charge. If your company wins, in order to maximise the benefit of winning and be entitled to promotional coverage and other benefits, winners will have to take up one of the winner's package options.

To know more about the winners package entitlements and pricing, please email danica@charltonmediamail.com.


Deadline for submission: 13 June 2024
Awards dinner: September 2024

Past Winners


  • Coffee Planet
    • Food & Beverage
  • Gulf International Bank
    • Financial Services
  • GWC
    • Logistics
  • Marafiq
    • Utilities
  • Melodica Music Center
    • Education
  • Ooredoo Oman
    • Telecommunications
  • Skiply – RAKBANK
    • Banking
  • V Business Center
    • Building Services & Facilities
















  • Black Marketing - Enabling LinkedIn For You - Social Media Marketing

  • CCCS International Learning Institute - Education

  • Consistel (Singapore) Pte Ltd - Telecommunications

  • i-Sprint Innovations - Technology

  • International SOS - Health Products and Services

  • MC Payment - Financial Technology

  • One Farrer Hotel - Hospitality & Leisure

  • RT LLP - Accounting Services


  • ViewQwest - Broadband Telecommunication






Event Photos





Awards Highlights

Celebrate your regional success at the Middle East International and National Business Awards, Technology Excellence Awards

Feb 29, 2024
Co-Written / Partner

Winning companies will be celebrated at the Awards Dinner in September 2024.

The Middle East, a region of vibrant economies and a spirit of innovation, is once again calling for its most outstanding companies to step forward.


RAKBANK’s Skiply wins at the Middle East National Business Awards 2023

Dec 20, 2023
Co-Written / Partner

The game-changing platform is revolutionising the banking sector by offering a user-centric, human-touch approach to digital transactions.

RAKBANK has secured top honours at the Middle East National Business Awards 2023 in the...

Marafiq triumphs in the Utilities category at the Middle East National Business Awards 2023

Dec 19, 2023
Co-Written / Partner

Its innovative Duqm Integrated Power and Water Plant project earns recognition for its contribution to economic growth, environmental preservation, and community enrichment in Duqm.

Marafiq has emerged victorious in the...

Asian Business Review lauds exceptional companies at the 2023 Middle East Awards

Oct 12, 2023

Companies across various industries were recognised at the awards ceremony held at Grand Hyatt Dubai Convention Centre.

As the world adapts to overcome various challenges, businesses need to constantly deliver remarkable...

Ooredoo Oman shines bright with double triumph at Middle East Awards

Oct 12, 2023
Telecom & Internet

The company was lauded at the Middle East Technology Excellence Awards and Middle East National Business Awards for its data centres and “Recharge & Win” campaign, respectively.

In a remarkable double victory, Ooredoo Oman, a...

Be open to capability gaps, deliver manageable phases in digital transformation – Deloitte’s Bhavesh Morar

Jul 20, 2023
Co-Written / Partner

Bhavesh Morar of Deloitte delves into various aspects related to digital transformation, emerging technologies, cross-cultural collaboration, CSR, and international expansion in the context of businesses in the Middle East.


Inaugural Middle East National Business Awards 2023 opens nominations for outstanding homegrown companies

May 19, 2023
Co-Written / Partner

Nominees will be evaluated based on various criteria, such as Uniqueness & Innovation, Effectiveness & Impact, and Dynamism.

Many locally established companies in various industries nestled in the Middle East region, and...


Who are eligible to nominate?

The awards programme is open to all homegrown companies in Middle East region.

What can I nominate?

Homegrown companies in Middle East may nominate any initiative that highlights the excellent work of the company, such as: 

  • outstanding project, product or service launched for or with a client

  • innovative internal practices or strategies

The initiative or project must have been launched or had upgrades, in part or in full, in the last 24 calendar months.

How do I nominate?

  1. Go to the online nomination form of the Middle East National Business Awards 2024.
  2. On the form, you will be asked to provide company and entrant details, as well as your entry's title, 500-word write-up, client feedback (if any), project achievements, supporting documents and project photos.
  3. Kindly also select the winner's package option that you will book in the event that you successfully win the award.
  4. Should you need more time to collate your supporting documents, you may send the three (3) project photos and supporting documents to danica@charltonmediamail.com on or before 13 June 2024.

Note: Each nomination form is valid for one (1) entry only. If you are nominating several projects, please fill out separate nomination forms.

Can I send two or more entries for our company?

  • A company may enter a maximum of three (3) different projects or initiatives.

Note: Each online nomination form is valid for one entry only. If you are submitting multiple entries, please enter each separately in the nomination form.

How many winners per category?

  • There is only one (1) winner in each industry in per country. 

Is there a cost involved?

  • Nomination is free of charge. To receive exclusive promotional entitlements and attend the prestigious awards dinner, winners must book any of the winner's package options.
  • You may email danica@charltonmediamail.com for more information on pricing and inclusions.

Will there be an awards dinner this year?

  • Yes, there will be an awards dinner in Dubai to gather all the winning companies and celebrate their well-deserved win.
  • More details will be provided to the winners after the announcement of results.

When is the deadline to submit an entry?

  • The deadline for submission is on 13 June 2024, Thursday. 

Could you share some information about the nominations you have received up to this point?

  • We are not able to disclose any information about the entries submitted. Our program values fairness, impartiality, and transparency, and we believe that keeping the number of entries confidential helps us to achieve these goals. We can assure you, however, that all submissions are evaluated based solely on their own merit, and the judges take great care in ensuring a fair and impartial evaluation process. 

What is Asian Business Review?

  • The Asian Business Review is a regional magazine serving Asia's dynamic business community. Essential coverage includes the economy, investment, manufacturing, technology, travel and trade. It offers fresh perspectives and ideas to guide its readers through the challenges and complexities of their businesses, providing opinion and analysis on all areas of business to improve performance.

    Each year, we host a number of awards to recognise the best businesses in Asia.